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WIHCON Properties Ltd. (WPL) will partner with you in the design of your commercial space by creating and overseeing the construction or renovation process. This includes offices, retail stores, restaurants, lobbies and other public spaces.

An interior design professional contributes at every phase of your project to ensure that the final result exceeds your expectations and ensures the health, safety and welfare of all who may use or occupy the space.

Involving much more than simply decorating the interior of the space, commercial design will address such issues as the choice of building materials, the layout and placement of interior walls, plumbing and power systems, and even coordinating communications with construction professionals, owners, and service providers.

Your office space, the interior design and furniture are a reflection of your brand. WPL will help to ensure your offices are a positive reflection of your brand by providing the knowledge and expertise for your office renovation or new construction project. We craft our commercial design services to fit your particular needs for form, function, and affordability. Whether you need new office furniture, renovating a current office, or creating the look and appeal of a new commercial space, WPL will provide the expertise you need.